The boy chosen by the keyblade, and the hero of Kingdom Hearts. Sora is 14 years old and dreams of adventure. He is best friends with Riku and Kairi. Sora may be immature, but his love for his friends and the people he meets through out his adventures give him unmeasured courage, strength, and determination.


A mature 15 year old boy and Sora's best friend. Riku and Sora compete with each other in almost everything. No matter the rivalry Riku is very protective of both his friends Sora and Kairi. Riku aches to leave Destiny Islands to see new worlds. He disappears into a vortex of darkness on that dark stormy night.


Kairi the fun spirited girl that completes the trio at the very begining of the story. She is best friends with Sora and Riku. Kairi also wishes to seek new adventures as she herself arrived to Destiny Islands from a different world. Unfortunately, she too disappears along with Riku the night before the three friends were to set sail.

Donald & Goofy

Donald and Goofy are knights sent by King Mickey to find the keyblade wielder who happens to be Sora. Donald and Goofy promise to help Sora look for his missing friends as they themselves look for King Mickey. Thus new friendships are built and the three become the best of friends throughout their adventures together.

King Mickey

The mysterious king of Disney Castle. King Mickey is responsible for sending Donald & Goofy on their way to find the keyblade wielder with promise to meet with them at a later time. However, this information is revealed through a letter that Pluto the dog delivers to the two knights, and King Mickey's current whereabouts are unknown.


A famed scientist hailing from the world known as Hollow Bastion. Ansem focused on the study of people's heart, and the connection the heart has with strange beings known as heartless. Ansem, disappears while conducting one of his experiments, however, he leaves detailed reports of the work he has done scattered over various worlds Sora visits.


Heartless are beings that manifest themselves from the darkness within people's hearts. Throughout Sora's journey you will encounter many types of Heartless with different abilities. These creatures seemed to be born naturally, however, unseen forces also appear to be artificially producing these Heartless at a rapid rate. For what purpose?
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