Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix is the special edition version/extended version of the original game. This version includes various bonus and extended content. This edition was originally only released in Japan. However, due to the release of the HD remastered collection of Kingdom Hearts games known as Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix this version has since become available in North America and Europe.

The cover art for the game case itself is entirely different from the original one.

  Final Mix Cover     Original Cover

What is included in Final Mix?

New Bosses/Heartless:
the Unknown (located in Hallow Bastion)
Chimaera (Heartless)
Gigas Shadow (Heartless)
Grand Ghost (Heartless)
Stealth Soldier (Heartless)
Pot Scorpion (Heartless)
Pink Agaricus (Heartless)
Jet Balloon (Heartless)
Missile Diver (Heartless)
Sniper Wild (Heartless)
Black Ballade (Heartless)
Neoshadow (Heartless)

New Keyblades(refer to Keyblades section for more information):
One Winged Angel
Diamond Dust

New Abilities, Accessories, and weapons for Donald and Goofy were added to the game.

New Cutscenes/Secret Movie:
These include a battle scene between Sephiroth and Cloud upon successfully defeating Sephiroth in the Platinum match in Olympus Coliseum. Also like the original game upon 100% completion of the game you’ll receive a secret movie (Another Side, Another Story), however, unlike the original secret movie the one in Final Mix (Deep Dive) is extended.

Cloud v. Sephiroth                             Duel Keyblade Wielder (Deep Dive)
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