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Kingdom Hearts begins in a world known as Destiny Islands. Where a 14 year old boy named Sora and his two friends Riku & Kairi begin preparations to embark on a new journey and explore worlds outside their own. In order to accomplish this, the three friends build a raft and gather supplies. Upon completion of their raft they go home for the night with plans to set sail the following day, however, on this particular stormy night Sora rushes to Destiny Islands in order to secure the raft from being destroyed by the storm. Once he arrives Sora notices strange shadow creatures lurking trying to cause him harm, and sees his friend Riku being swallowed by darkness as he extends his hand towards him. Sora is unable to reach Riku, but out of no where he is given a mysterious key, a keyblade, to protect himself from the shadows. Sora finds a disoriented Kairi in the secret place next to a mysterious door that has apparently opened, as Sora tried to hold on to Kairi she disappears.

His home being swallowed by darkness, Sora prepares to do battle with a giant shadow creature. What lies beyond this point is for you and only you to unlock. The door to Kingdom Hearts has begun to open can you help Sora find his friends before everything turns to darkness?

With sleak graphics, a simple to understand battle system, and easy customization features for characters; Kingdom Hearts is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Square Enix and Disney provide a unique blend and new meaning to action RPG games. Within Kingdom Hearts you have the opportunity to play alongside many of your favorite Disney characters such as Donald and Goofy. You'll be able to explore several worlds based on Disney classics. Re-live your favorite moments from films such as Aladdin, Alice In Wonderland, and many more! The alignment of the different Disney Worlds and the main story is fluid, and will have you coming back for more even after you reach the conclusion of the game. Exclusively for the Playstation 2...


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