The summoning system is quite simple. You collect summoning gems (with the exception of Genie and Tinkerbell) that turn into special Disney characters that provide you with special attacks, and abilities.

In order to use these gems you must take them to the Fairy Godmother who resides in Merlin’s House (in Traverse Town), she will unlock their power. Included below are the summon characters you obtain.

Summon: Simba
How To Get: Earthshine Gem obtained from Leon in the sewers of Traverse Town.
Ability/Attack: Once summoned, Simba’s will attack with his roar. You simply lock on to your enemy and press and hold the X button, the fuller the meter gauge gets the stronger Simba’s Roar will be.

Summon: Genie
How To Get: Obtained after locking the keyhole in Agrabah.
Ability/Attack: Once summoned, Genie will attack with his Showtime ability. Lock on to an enemy and Genie will attack all enemies if there’s more than one with spells such as Gravity and Stop.

Summon: Dumbo
How To Get: Watergleam Gem obtained in Monstro after learning High Jump from Gepetto.
Ability/Attack: Once summoned, Dumbo lets Sora ride on his back allowing you to fly and attack enemies with his water blast.

Summon: Bambi
How To Get: Naturespark Gem obtained by completing Pooh’s Honey Tree Page in 100 Acre Wood.
Ability/Attack: Once summoned, Bambi will drop items for you to collect. The more enemies you defeat the more Bambi’s blue gauge goes up, which allows you to collect better items.

Summon: Tinker Bell
How To Get: Obtained after locking the keyhole in Neverland.
Ability/Attack: Once summoned, Tinker Bell will continuously heal your entire party.

Summon: Mushu
How To Get: Fireglow Gem obtained by defeating Maleficent in her Dragon form.
Ability/Attack: Once summoned, Mushu will place himself on Sora’s head. When locking onto an enemy you then have the option of pressing X for a fireball attack or hold X for a continuous fireball attack.
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